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Thule WingBar 108 cm 960100

Thule WingBar 108 cm 960100

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  • Thule WingBar 108 cm 960100
  • Thule WingBar 108 cm 960100

Thule WingBar 108 cm 960100

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상품 정보 Thule WingBar 108 cm 960100

Every single product of the brand THULE, sticks strictly to the homologation standards following the regulations of each country whether is European or American.

The company THULE has been making products since 1942, under strict quality controls and according to the law in each country where these products are distributed.

The most silent and safe load bar.


- Using airplane technology to minimize sound and fuel consumption.

- Smoothly arched for a slim fit.

- Excellent aerodynamic properties, drag force is reduced with 55% vs. Thule AeroBar (860-869).

- WindDiffuser diverts the air currents.

- Trail Edge for reduced air resistance.

- Equipped with T-tracks - an ingenious feature with great benefits. Load accessories are easily slided in place into the track. The full
length of the load bar can be used, making more space for attaching several accessories.

- City Crash approved for 100 kg according to ISO Norm.

- Use the Thule FitGuide to find out which roof rack fits your car.


- Available in length(s): 108 cm

- Feet compatibility: Fits all Thule Rapid System load carrier feet.

- Equipped with T-track

- Maximum load: 100 kg

- Sold by pair


WindDiffuser. Extremely silent through wing shaped profile in combination with structured rubber-insert.Thule WingBar generates 90% less sound energy than the Thule AeroBar.

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특징 Thule WingBar 108 cm 960100

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